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Modern Decorative Accessories: How to Elevate the Beauty of your Modern Home

Long gone are the days when the simple act of decorating a home or an office was considered a preserve of the filthy rich in society. Our society has witnessed immense socio-economic growth and owning an ornamental or decorative object is no longer seen as a symbol of wealth.

Instead, decorating a home or office is in today’s contemporary world considered mandatory. Any time a loved one visits you after you have moved into a new place, their first instinct is to remind you that “your walls, floors, and tabletops are too bare, you need to decorate them. Get some decorative items to liven this place.”

A staple in modern homes

Therefore, decorative objects have become a must-have for the modern homeowner. The only difference is that classical décor has greatly evolved and is not the same as contemporary décor. Of course, there are some elements of classical décor that still feature in modern décors; like vintage furniture. However, the aesthetic of the modern home is generally very different from that of years past.

Therefore, it is vital for those in today’s modern world to know and understand how modern homes are decorated. This will enable you to infuse some much-needed vibrancy into your living space while allowing you to also meet the standards of your individual aesthetic when it comes to home décor. The following are some modern decorative accessories that you can use to elevate the beauty and aesthetic of your modern home.

Modern vases

When it comes to decorating a home, vases are almost if not entirely indispensable. They are one of the decorative objects that were used in classical times and are still relevant in contemporary décor. Therefore, worry not if you want to use vases to decorate your house but you see one in a photo of your grandpa taken while Rockefeller was still alive. They are still very much a part of modern decorative accessories.

Modern vases come in various shapes and forms. There are vases made from various materials including silver, clay, brass, marble, porcelain, or simply glass. The material a vase is made of to a large extent determines its appearance, texture, and brittleness.

One key difference between classical vases and modern ones is their shape and design. In classical times, most vases generally had the same shape; a wide base that flows into a narrow neck with a slightly wider top. However, artisans have experimented more with designs in modern décor. As a result, there are a large variety of vases from ones that have narrow bases and wide tops, perfectly cylindrical vases, vases that resemble the world cup, and even spherical vases.

Sphere Vase Square - Big (terracotta), by 101CPH

The result is that one doesn’t even have to place flowers in some of the vases; their artistic appeal lies solely in their unique shape and texture. Vases can be placed everywhere from dinner tables and bedside tables to countertops, shelves, and console tables. Therefore, you should definitely consider including vases in your collection of decorative objects. They are components of contemporary décor that you will definitely love.

Wall art, portraits, carvings, and sculptures

There are many modern decorative accessories available in the décor market today. However, few can match the immense decorative appeal that handmade artworks like paintings, carvings, and sculptures have. Nothing screams “exotic, cultured, and of exquisite taste” more than these decorative objects.

This is because of the precision, uniqueness, and sheer artistic quality that characterize such products. Therefore, wall art, carvings, and sculptures are undoubtedly beautiful decorative accessories that every modern home should have. They are undoubtedly the epitome of modern décor.

Wall art, carvings, and sculptures are made from different materials. Some are made of wood, stone, and clay while others are made of brass, glass, and marble. Therefore, the visual and physical texture of each piece is informed by the material from which it is made. If the constituent material is rough then the final product is likely to be rough and uneven.

Decorative accents and sculptures have a variety of uses. Some pieces can be used for decorating the living room by being placed on dinner, coffee, and console tables. Others can be placed in the bedroom on a bedside table while some are best suited for shelves and being hung on the wall directly.

Carvings and sculptures are purely the product of an artisan’s individual imagination and creativity. As such, their creation does not follow any specific formula. This is why they come in any form and shape. Some may mimic a Maasai Moran from East Africa, a crystal ball, a broken twig, or an Easter egg tree while other accents and sculptures are purely abstract, figurative pieces of art or geometric shapes.

Regardless of their shape or what they are made from, accents and sculptures are crucial modern decorative accessories that any individual of impeccable taste should have in their home. Not only will they elevate your home’s style but they will also give you and your visitors a chance to admire inspiring art from time to time.


Yes, you got that right; mirrors. You may be surprised that we consider mirrors decorative objects that are an essential component of contemporary décor. And your shock is justified because we are oriented to see mirrors as purely functional items. However, they play a vital decorative role in our living spaces.

That is part of the reason why we love to stare at ourselves whenever we run into a mirror whether it’s in a public restroom, outside a skyscraper in the CBD, or on our way to the conference room of a blue-chip company. We are not always checking to see if our ties or buttons are in place. We partly look into them because reflected images simply look good.

Therefore, mirrors should be a key consideration when you are decorating your modern home. These decorative objects come in all shapes from round and square to oblong and rectangular mirrors. There are also a variety of designs that range from vanity, floor, and bathroom mirrors to the ones that simultaneously serve as medicine cabinets or cloth wardrobes.

All you have to do is choose the one that suits your needs best, place it strategically away from the reach of small children, and witness just how great mirrors can serve you as modern decorative accessories.


Walls and tabletops are not the only spaces in a house that can be referred to as “bare.” Floors can also be painfully bare and this can undermine the overall beauty of your home or office even if it has been amply decorated everywhere else. This is especially so if the floor is made of bare concrete or covered with bare tiles that have no color or decorative design whatsoever.

As such, carpets are also essential modern decorative accessories. Besides giving you and your loved ones a smooth surface to walk on when in the house, they greatly help to mask visually unappealing floors as well as make your home a more beautiful place to live in. They come in various shapes from rectangular and circular pieces to ones that are perfectly square.

They can be made of fluffy wool with an extremely smooth texture or heavy, stout fabric depending on how they are to be used. Carpets can also be of plain or mixed color and sewn with various decorative patterns. Depending on your individual preference, you can place a carpet at the entrance to your house, in the center of your living room, or beside your bed.

In instances where you have very heavy furniture that could be abrasive and damage your floor, you can also use a carpet as a protective measure. By placing the furniture or item on top of a carpet, you can cushion your floor from the excessive weight that could spoil it. Therefore, carpets are accessories that serve both decorative and functional roles in a modern home and we strongly recommend them.

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