The Importance of Home Décor: Combining Style, Utility, and Art

The Importance of Home Décor: Combining Style, Utility, and Art

The importance of home décor cannot be understated. Skim through any daily newspaper or lifestyle magazine and you are likely to find a whole page or two that are entirely dedicated to home décor. Whether it is giving readers some home décor tips and the best home décor ideas or teaching them how to place various modern decorative accessories strategically in their homes to achieve the maximum aesthetic effect, home décor is a mainstay of contemporary lifestyle.

A mainstay in popular culture

The same phenomenon is witnessed on social media platforms. Whenever you scroll through Instagram, you are guaranteed to run through an endless stream of the most magnificent pictures of home décor products. From ornate porcelain vases to sculptures and portraits of figurative art, you will be overcome by an impulse to just go and binge-buy all those items and stuff them in your house.

Sumo Concrete Vase, by 101CPH

The long and short of it is that home décor is basically an omnipresent component of modern culture. This begs the question, why so? Why is popular home décor so important that it is a permanent fixture in all major publications and the subject of numerous social media posts? The following are some of the reasons why home décor is important.

Helps you to aesthetically personalize your home

In the world of popular home décor, the phrase “turn your house into a home” is a clichéd phrase no doubt. However, it is a truism. There is a big difference between a house and a home. You could live in a house for years and still say “it just never felt like home.” Why though? What is the importance of home décor when it comes to personalizing where we live?

A house is simply a building that is designed and constructed for residential purposes. On the other hand, a home is a living space that has a sentimental touch to it because of how much it has been infused with the personal touch of the people who live there. And besides the wonderful aroma of your delicious dinners, there is nothing that makes a house home better than décor.

This is because everyone has unique tastes when it comes to aesthetics. As such, we choose home décor products that reflect our individual tastes and preferences. A minimalist is more likely to decorate their home with an abstract stone or marble carving that is stripped down with a rough texture and rich character. On the other hand, a flamboyant soul will purchase an array of colorful and vibrant décor pieces from ornate vases to sophisticated paintings.

Champagne Pouf, by NORR11

Consequently, home decoration ends up being an accurate reflection of your aesthetic preferences as the owner. The result is that you feel comfortable and more connected to your living space as opposed to if it wasn’t decorated with accessories that match your taste. Therefore, home décor is important as it helps you to personalize your living spaces in a manner that sentimentally connects you to them.

Merges utility with aesthetics and beauty

The first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions the importance of home décor products is that they are objects that are purely meant for decorative purposes. And while most popular home décor items are meant for this purpose, not all items solely serve a decorative purpose. There are home décor products that are very functional.

From vases, trays, and candle holders to vintage furniture, fine china porcelain-ware, and mirrors, home décor products can actually be used like other household tools. Vases can be used to hold decorative flowers. This way, a homeowner is able to derive pleasure from both the vase and the flowers as décor items. Decorative trays can be used to hold fruits, carry cutlery, or even hold other decorative objects like figurines and accents.

Nothing creates a classical ambiance better than a beautiful, elaborate, candle holder placed at the center of a dinner table. It oozes class and sophistication and enhances the feeling of family unity better than anything else. Therefore, a candleholder serves a very functional purpose of supporting candles that provide light while still helping to decorate the room.

Tubo Candle Holder, by 101CPH

Teacups, saucers, plates, and serving dishes made from exotic china do a great job of beautifying kitchen shelves and meal tables because of their ornate designs and magnificent architecture. However, they are still used for serving and dining. Therefore, home décor products are not solely used to decorate homes. Some of them also provide actual utility hence emphasizing the importance of home décor in our lives.

Allows you to understand and appreciate art better

The importance of home décor is also evident when it comes to our appreciation of art. The only way to understand and appreciate art is to have it around you regularly. While visiting galleries and museums gives you the opportunity to see a lot of wonderful art, the limited amount of time you are there denies you the opportunity to really immerse yourself in it. And just like a Shakespearean poem, each time you look at a work of art, you discover something new that you hadn’t noticed the previous time.

Therefore, having an elegant sculpture on your wall to decorate your living room greatly enriches your experience with art. It gives you the opportunity to spend more time with the art piece, immerse yourself in it, and discover all the nuances that characterize it. If it’s a stone sculpture, you can note how an artisan deliberately left a surface unpolished to give the piece character.

Also, having such pieces of art in your home makes for excellent conversation. When a visitor comes over, you are able to dissect the meaning of the art while appreciating it. You are able to learn more about the world of art and cultivate your interest in the subject. That goes a long way in developing you into a holistic person with a variety of intriguing interests.

And please, let’s not forget the subtle class that art pieces ooze. Anyone who visits you will respect your taste. A little bit egotistical but it doesn’t hurt, right? There you go, that’s another instance that demonstrates the importance of home décor.

Improving the lives of artisans and small businesses

Well, well, buying popular home décor products solely because you want to improve the quality of life of the one selling it might sound a little unrealistic. However, if you really sit down and think about it, it is something we do frequently with other products.

From buying five figurines instead of three at the flea market simply because the honest trader was selling them at a very good price to buying chewing gum that you really didn’t need from an adorable teenager who seemed like a good person, all these are purchase decisions made to extend some kindness rather than solely for utility. Similarly, the importance of home décor lies in its contribution to economic empowerment.

In the same way, there are several home décor products that are designed and made by small, unknown artisans. This is especially so in the case of handcrafted home décor items used to decorate modern homes. The artisans who make these products use locally sourced materials and they do not produce those items in large quantities.

As such, their products may be adored and cherished but the artisans themselves are barely able to make a decent living from them. Therefore, you can greatly contribute to making their lives better by purchasing their home décor products and encouraging other people to buy them too so they can decorate their homes.

Luce Dentro Ceiling Lamp, handmade in Italy by Renzo Serafini

This way, the small artisans will be able to increase the volume of their sales, achieve some economies of scale, and expand their businesses. Wouldn’t you love to be part of something bigger than you?

Your reliable home décor companion

Therefore, home décor is an important component of modern lifestyle and culture everyone should definitely indulge in. Home décor products will elevate the aesthetic quality of your home and enrich your living experience. All you have to do is find elements of popular home décor that suit your individual taste and voila, you are good to go. Decorate your home with some of our home décor products today and transform your life!